Winter at the golf course

The snow is falling and falling, the temperature shows minus 12, and on the radio you’re constantly warned to take the car out on the roads. By the end of February, the winter seems to have come for real. Is not that oh so typical? I love this weather in December and January, but now when it’s almost March, I’m craving for spring. You know crocuses, snowdrops and coffee on the stairs wrapped in a woll blanket.

But I guess that has to wait a little longer. Today, I am instead delighted with our wood burning stove that warms so nicely in the living room, and happy for all children who have school holiday this week. Now they really have the chance to play around in the snow, go skiing and skating. For you who are nearby, I can really recommend a trip to the golf course at Bogesund. We were there this weekend and took the chance to take these pictures. Absolutely wonderful whether you just want to take a walk, pulse in the snow or go a cross-country skiing. Bring some hot chocolate and perhaps some sausages to grill at the barbecue area by Knäviken. Just go down towards the water and follow the signs and you’ll find it.


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