Lilac truffels and National Day Concert


Since a couple of weeks , the whole of Vaxholm is scented by lilacs. It’s very nice if you do not happen to have the urge to be allergic to strong smells. I don’t and I really love how the smell of the lilac really saturates the air late these pre-summer evenings. I want to pick them all and wrap them up in a box, store, save – and enjoy on days when the sky is more gray than blue and snowflakes instead of flower petals singles in the air.

So that’s what I’m planning to do today! I read in a Facebook  about someone who made chocolate truffles with lilac ganache, you know the stuff that’s in the crispy shells. It may be simply delicious or just too overwhelming, but well worth trying. My plan is to make a dark shell with white chocolate filling flavoured with lilac and lemon. I have picked the flowers, cooked cream and poured over. Now it’s will rest until tomorrow to then be continued. I’ll keep you posted how it proceeds.

But now it’s time to change from apron to concert dress. It’s a National Day Concert in the church today and I’m in the choir. Collection and rescheduling is already at. 13, so best I rush on. Nine others are welcome at. 16. One tip is to be out in good time, it usually gets more than crowded.


  1. Eva Morin

    Och finfi musik i fullsatt kyrka blev det. Själv ska jag göra syrensaft nöe jag kommer till landet, där allt blommar senare. Förra prwts försök blev lite mjäkigt, men jag vill ge det en chans till. För övrigt anmäler jag mig som frivillig testare av dina praliner

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