Good morning Mr Snowstorm!


Ha ha! I barely had written that there was a feeling of March in my New Year’s posts until winter did come back and confirmed that it certainly is January. Right now, the snow is whipping on the windows and the wind howls around the corner … Actually, I had planned to go to Stockholm for some meetings today, but they may need to be a Skype instead. Don’t think that I dare to get out with the car. Instead, I’m sitting here, in front of the fireplace with my computer and a cup of coffee, waiting for the guests breakfast bread to be baked finished in the oven. A not to bad alternative  actually … :) In a minute I’ll go out in the weather and hang the bread on the guest doors. Dread a little bit for it since some of the guests are staying in the Guest House a few blocks away. However, I know that Zelda (the dog) will be extra happy for her morning walk. She loves the snow! And when I come back in, the fireplace is waiting for me. And more coffee.

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