Welcome to Vaxholm!

Vaxholm is a pittoresque small commuity, just an hour’s ferry ride from central Stockholm. Since there is a bridge to the island, you can also get here by bus or car making Vaxholm accessible year round.

Both in central Vaxholm and on the surrounding islands are many pleasant beaches, beautiful landscape with long walking paths and some of Sweden’s most successful water sport clubs. Go paddling, fishing or simply take a boat tour out to sea. In the town center old fishermen cottages and turn of the century villas mix with modern houses and year-round open boutiques, cafes and restaurants. We recommend you to try the Vaxholm herring, a specialty that has been on the menu ever since the late 1800s when Vaxholm became a popular seaside resort for Stockholm socialites. Be also sure to try the local cheese and beer, produced in small scale on Rindö.


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