Welcome to the Greenhouse!

A place to relax, gather and having good food

At our quiet courtyard you find the Greenhouse. A place to just sit down for a while, have a coffee and just relax. The Greenhouse is open for you who are guest at our B&B every day from 10am to 6pm, if it is not booked for conferences or other special events. In the Greenhouse you can always help yourselves to a nice coffee, tea or cold drinks. You pay when you check out. The Greenhouse is lovely in the spring and summer, but perhaps even more wonderful a rugged autumn day when we light the fireplace and hear the wind roar and the rain shower on the glass roof.

Swedish fika buffet on Sundays

Sundays at our place mean coffee and swedish fika buffet in the Greenhouse. We set the table with cinnamon buns, pies, cookies and other traditional fika favourites. What’s on the buffet depends on the season and what we feel like baking, but the time is always the same – Sundays at 12pm to 4pm. Everyone is welcome, and you don’t need to book a seat. Just drop-in and feel at home!
Price: 95 SEK per person for fika buffet including coffee, tea or lemonade.

Dinner in the Greenhouse with your private chef

A dinner with friends and family in the Greenhouse is something special. You start the night with a sparkling drink while the chefs gives the menue the final touch. You have the whole courtyard and Greenhouse for yourselves so it will be an unique experience, just for you. In our calendar you will find what dates are available during the autumn. The menue will be set based on your requests. Minimum 8, maximum 16 guests.

Price example: from 595 SEK per person for a three course meal.