A day at Bogesund’s nature reserve

This morning I awoke to the sun stabbing me in the eyes. At first I thought I had slept away half the day – when was the last time that the sun stood so high when I woke up? – but then I realized that it was actually only just before nine o’clock – what a glorious feeling! With that start it was not difficult to understand that spring really is on its way, even if it just today was minus one or two degrees and rather icy.

Vigo and Jesper had planned to have a photo day at Bogesund, a nature reserve just a few kilometers from here. But since the weather was so lovely we took the opportunity to make it a family day and go there all four of us. Zack grumbled at first, he had other plans, but after a short time on the beach was also he sheer sunshine. Difficult was well otherwise. I mean – an open fire, hot dogs, marshmallows, forest, beach, sun, a day off, and the family … what more could you wish for?




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