Archipelago experiences all year around

Wandering, paddling and Swedish tastes

I often get the question when is the best time to visit us and Vaxholm. I never know what to answer, it’s all depending on what you wish to experience. Every season has its charm and whether the sun is gazing, the wind is roaring or the snow is falling there is always something to do. Especially if you are a nature loving person. Wander through the nature reserve of Bogesund, paddle, explore the Citadel, challenge yourself at Sky park, have a guided tour through the oldest quarters or take the chance to learn how to bake classic cinnamon buns or cook a traditional Swedish meal in our kitchen at Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast

If you want to spend time in the kitchen

Cinnamon bun baking workshop

Whether the sun shines or the rain sprinkles it’s always a perfect time to bake cinnamon buns. For about four hours in our kitchen at Vaxholm Bed & Breakfast you will learn the secret of baking really juicy cinnamon buns. While the dough ferments, we eat a light lunch and talk about upcoming island adventures. And before it’s time to go home we round off the day with a Swedish cinnamon bun “fika”. The buns left over you will bring home, wrapped in a tea towel with Vaxholm pattern. Suitable for all ages.

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Come cook with us

We love to cook and most fun is when cooking together. It is a wonderful and relaxed way to hang out and perhaps learn something new along the way. Do you want to join? In that case, you should book one of our cook-alongs where we cook traditional Swedish dishes which we then eat together in our greenhouse. 4-16 people of which 4 cooks.

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If you want to explore nature

Walk around the island

Take a long walk. If you follow the shoreline around the island, it will be a walk of about 10 km. Do you want to go further, we recommend you to cross the bridge to Bogesundslandet. Here are mile-long promenades for those who feel compelled. Bogesund is a nature reserve because of its rich flora and fauna.

Go paddling

Vaxholm is surrounded by beautiful paddling waters. So why not take the chance to a day in a kayak when you are here? If you are an experienced paddler you can rent one of our kayaks – we help you launch the kayak by the beach just down the street from our house. If you want to bring a lunch bag, we’ll one for you too. You can also rent kayaks and book paddling guide at Vaxholms Brygghus. They are open year around and rent kayaks as long as there is open water.

Catch some perch

Borrow one of our fishing rods and go fishing at the pier. If your lucky you might catch a perch or two for dinner. Around Vaxholm you are free to fish from land with a tackle as long as you’re not on someone’s private land.

If you want to experience history

Explore Vaxholm’s history

Download the guide app Appipelago to your iPhone and go for a tour around the center. With the app on your phone, you get a personal guide to Vaxholm’s history and sights with narration, text, and images.

Visit the Citadel

Take the cable ferry over the strait to the Citadel. A visit at the museum gives you a journey through Sweden’s coastal defence history and takes you back to the end of the 1800s when the Citadel was like a little society of military, soldiers, officer families, maids and prisoners.  During Summer the cable ferry operates the strait several times an hour from morning to late evening.