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A small hotel, at our home

Welcome to Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast! A small hotel, at our home, in Vaxholm’s older residential neighborhoods. Just steps away from the waterfront and a few hundred meters from Vaxholm guest harbor, cafes, restaurants and archipelago boats.


from 995 SEK/night


from 1295 SEK/night


from 1145 SEK/night

We offer accommodation in three rooms; The Studio and the Family Room in the bottom floor of our 1930s villa and the Artist’s Cottage on the neighbouring property. Regardless of which room you choose, we have embedded the beds for you before you arrive and in the bathroom you’ll find towels, shampoo, soap, hair dryer and other essentials. All rooms also have their own pentry with coffee maker, microwave, fridge and a single hotplate. Choose if you wish to book the room including our breakfast basket or if you prefer to book only the room and shop the breakfast ingredients yourself in the nearby grocery store.

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Add our breakfast basket and you won’t have to go grocery shopping. In the basket are yoghurt, juice, granola, cheese, ham, vegetables, jam, eggs and milk. In the morning we will deliver fresh rolls to your door. Coffee and tea are always in the room. You prepare the breakfast yourself and eat it in your room, at the patios or in our greenhouse. Price: 95 SEK per person and morning.


from 95 SEK/person

Welcome to the Greenhouse

In our quiet courtyard you will find the Greenhouse. As guest at our B&B you are welcome to sit down for a while, have a cup of coffee and relax. Most Sundays we also open our ”garden café” for everyone who like to enjoy a classic Swedish fika with home baked cinnamon bun, shortcakes and other nice stuff based on the season or what we feel like baking. In the calendar you can see if there is a ”fika” going on when you plan to visit. If you are a party of 8-16 people you can also book the Greenhouse for private dinners where our chef will cook just for you. We also welcome companies for conferences.



28, 18:00

Chocolate tasting with dinner in the Greenhouse

With Johan Carlén, from Carléns Chocolate & Deli, as our guide, we try chocolate from all corners of the world, learn more about the history of chocolate and round off with a common dinner where chocolate is found as an ingredient in both main course and dessert. Pre-registration required

Chocolate tasting with dinner in the Greenhouse

Are you just like me weak for chocolate and curious to learn more about what characterise real good chocolate from different parts of the world? On October 24th, we have invited Johan Carlén, from Carléns Chocolate and Deli, to Växthuset to tell us more!

During the evening, we will try selected chocolates from both award-winning producers and very small-scale handicraft manufacturers, who clearly show how the chocolate’s character changes depending on the bean, growing conditions and cocoa content. We learn to taste the difference in chocolate from different countries and understand that high cocoa content may not always be the most desirable.

While Johan tells more about the history of chocolate and how to make chocolate from bean to chocolate cake, we eat a common dinner where chocolate is of cause found as an ingredient. We offer a taste of our self-made chocolate pralines and you will also have the chance to buy your favourite chocolate to bring home.

Warm welcome to an evening filled with chocolate, knowledge and new flavours!

Price 495 kr incl. dinner (notice any allergies when booking).
Max 16 people.

Time: 18.00 – ca 20.30

Sign up by sending an email
or call 0703-725 333.
Please note that the registration is binding.

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Take your friends to dinner in the Greenhouse

A couple of times each month we open a ”restaurant” in our greenhouse. We cook while you and your company sit down and relax. There is just one detail, in the Greenhouse you are the only guests and we cook just for you. Available dates will be found in our calendar.

Learn how to bake Cinnamon buns

Do you also love Swedish cinnamon buns? Take part in our cinnamon bun “bake shop”. For four hours in our kitchen you will learn the secret of baking really juicy cinnamon buns. While the dough ferments, we eat a light lunch and talk about upcoming island adventures. And before it’s time to go home we round off the day with a Swedish cinnamon bun “fika”. You will also have a dozen of cinnamon buns to bring back home.

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Conference with us

From March until December, or as long as the temperature stays around zero degrees Celcius or above, is it possible to book our Greenhouse for conferences, meetings and workshops. We offer both full-day, half-day and evening conferences. Of cause with full service and catering. If it’s cold we light in the stove and let the fire spread its warmth. And when the spring sun gasses you can move the conversation to the shadow of the big cherry tree. The Greenhouse works best for groups with up to 12 people.

Read more about our conferences

The Bed & Breakfast Shop

Now and then it happens that I get the question where to buy the products found in our guest apartments. Therefore we have now gathered our personal and our guests’ favourites in a (very) small shop on the backyard. There you will find the soaps, shampoos and lotions from L:a Bruket, the lovely shower towels from Växbo Lin and of cause trays, cutting boards, pillows and towels in our own Vaxholm design. The assortments is also found in our online shop – the Bed and Breakfast

On the blog I write about life in Vaxholm and the archipelago in general and here at home, at Bed & Breakfast, in particular. Welcome to follow our living through the changing seasons.

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